Ahad & Hera

One of the best things about weddings is all the time you get to spend with your friends and family in the lead-up to the big day. Whether you’re having a small, intimate ceremony or a grand wedding reception, it’s so important to take some time out to get some getting-ready shots before the chaos of the day begins. There’s nothing like being surrounded by the people you love most as you put on your wedding dress and prepare to marry the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with. These shots are bound to be some of your favorites, so make sure you don’t forget to schedule them into your wedding day!

As any bride knows, the moments before the ceremony are often hectic and chaotic. There’s so much to do and so little time to do it. However, it’s important to take a few minutes to capture the special bond between a bride and her loved ones. In just a few short minutes, we were able to document Hera’s mother and aunt helping her drape her veil. Even in the midst of all the chaos, they took a moment to share in this special moment with her. It’s moments like these that make wedding photography so special. The ability to freeze time and capture the emotions of this day is truly priceless. So even if you only have a few minutes, make sure your family members are “photo ready” and present during this time with you!