Hira & Harris

Any bride knows that planning a wedding can be a daunting task. There are countless decisions to be made, from the guest list to the menu to the flower arrangements. However, one of the most important factors in planning a successful wedding is having a clear vision for the event. What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? What kind of memories do you want your guests to take away? By taking the time to answer these questions, you can ensure that your wedding will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of! Once you have a vision for your big day, it will be much easier to find vendors who share your style and who will be able to help you create the wedding of your dreams!

Hira knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding day. She wanted everything to be modern and sophisticated, from her hair and makeup to her outfit, jewelry, venues and decor. After doing a lot of research and looking at all the different vendors around, she was able to make her dream team for her wedding. She planned multiple phone meetings, asked the right questions and made sure she was confident with the vendors she booked. Hira’s hard work paid off on her wedding day. Everything was perfect and she looked absolutely stunning! Thank you, Hira, for letting us be a part of your special day!